Thursday, September 7, 2023

Surprise Card by Xander - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:          Surprise greeting cards designed / co-designed by a kid 

Rating:                     ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Recommended age:  Any age!  

Who would love this: Anyone who loves something whimsical, non-ordinary, and designed with love :) 

It's not an everyday thing that I get to blog about and review my own created products. 

When Xander (my 7-year-old) relentlessly asking and insisting that we should launch a business to introduce our Surprise Cards to EVERYONE, I was hesitant. I had never started a business before, and the non-entrepreneurial voice in my head was screaming - "Don't Do It!". But Xander's voice obviously won in the end, and there you go - WE HAVE OUR ONLINE STORE & BRAND! 

Introducing to you our lovely and whimsical creation - "Surprise Card by Xander" online store ( and creative brand. 

Story Behind The Business 

Established on 25 August 2023 - Surprise Card by Xander is a small business in Melbourne founded by Sue (mummy aka myself) and Xander (my 7 year-old who loves to draw and absolutely adores surprises).

Xander loves making and creating cards for his friends, family, neighbours, aunties and uncles ever since he was around 4 year-old. He loves to create, he loves to draw, and he loves to see the smile that the cards bring to others. He especially loves designing these fold-up cards where there is a “little surprise” hidden within. 

So one day, Xander asked: what if, we can bring this joy and smile to more people in Australia, or maybe, even around the world. 

And that, is how, “Surprise Card by Xander” was born. 

Surprise Card by Xander aims to bring SURPRISE, JOY, and GREAT MEMORY through our fun designs to as many people as possible! 

A Business? REALLY? 

Of course, as a new business, there are just so many uncertainties, and I can't tell you those countless and numerous questions that keep lingering in my mind daily: Do people still do physical greeting cards? Do people love such imperfect and silly designs created/ co-created by a kid? Will people actually BUY them? 

It has been almost two weeks since we launched the store. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has made a purchase, shows their support, tells their friends and families about us, and those that promised that they will return to the store one day when they need a card. I am grateful to our first stockist Hello Youngster that believes in our products! 

THANK YOU! And I can't wait to see what adventure this business journey will bring (rain or shine, fail or success, short or long!). 

So, Why Our Cards? 

So, why do we love our products so much (and we think you will too!): 

  • Created By A Kid -Surprise Card by Xander” is the brainchild of a 7 year-old boy who loves to design and draw.
  • Bringing Smile Through Fun DesignsWe believe physical greeting card is never out-of-style. We designed our cards with one objective in mind: SURPRISE! We want our card to be non-boring, we want to bring a smile to someone’s face, we want our surprise card to be a whimsical artwork at home that brings sweet memory and joy. 

  • SURPRISE! - We fold our cards in a unique way to give you a SURPRISE! 
  • Bigger Than Usual Card Size - Our cards are BIGGER than most ordinary greeting cards in market - it’s a full A4 size when unfolded, and A5 size when folded in half, After all,  when it comes to SURPRISE, it needs to be “BIG”! 
  • Hand Illustrated & Not-So-Perfect - Our designs are hand-drawn, hand-painted, and yes, imperfect in many ways (we are so sorry, but we sincerely hope you will look past that and accept the imperfections as part of our style). 
  • Australia Made - All surprise cards are designed, drawn, and painted (either by Xander alone / or co-designed with mummy), printed, made, packaged, and created in Australia. 
  • Environmental-Friendly Material - Our surprise cards are printed on post-consumer recycled papers, using sustainable green printing process and system. 
  • A FUN Business - Most importantly, Xander and mummy have Amazing Great FUN creating these surprise cards as a fantastic duo team. I hope your lucky recipient will feel the EXTRA love and happiness when they receive these designed-by-heart surprise cards.
  • Giving Back To Society - We believe children are our future. Surprise Card by Xander pledges 10% of our profit (to be paid end of every 6 months) to a not-for-profit organisation aims to improve the life of children. 10% of our profit for the next 6 months (from 25 August 2023 to 29 February 2024) will go to Save the Children

Where to buy this: - physical store at 103 Victoria Ave, Albert Park, Victoria. 

Enjoy the video, and don't forget to visit:

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