About Me

I’m a mumma that loves educational, heirloom quality, durable and unique games/ toys for little people. I started sharing my game/ toy review as a cheeky record of how our family survives the unprecedented pandemic lock-down and craziness with two young kids in year 2020!! I aim to make 60-seconds (more or less) video quick review for busy no-time-for-nonsense parents! 

I don’t own most of the toys reviewed here. Many of them are borrowed from the community toy library, purchased from op-shop, and pre-loved toys from friends and family. From time to time, I receive products from certain awesome toy stores / distributors/ manufacturers who sincerely want some honest feedbacks about their products. I would gladly provide that, and would make clear in my post when I received such products for free. 

This is the channel aims to provide parents and individuals with some honest review so that we can all spend our money wisely on toys best suited for the kids. I hope you enjoy the review and videos. Feedback is welcome! 

Email: 60secondstoyreview@gmail.com

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