Thursday, December 15, 2022

Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes, by Glo Pals - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:          Cubes that light-up in water!  

Rating:                     ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Recommended age:  3 year-old ++   

Who would love this: This is a perfect bath and sensory toy that would sure to capture kids' attention. 

I was intrigued from the very first time when I saw Glo Pals in social media. So when Jellystone Designs sent us these Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes (in festive Red and Green) and Red Sammy, we were THRILLED! 

Why I love ❤️ this toy: 

(1) Light-Up In Water Technology - I have never seen anything that glows in the water with such enchantment before. Glo Pals were inspired by a child with autism whose mother used the technology behind Glo Pals to help him overcome his fear of water. The result is these multi-coloured, liquid-activated cubes that light up when they are immersed in water. Glo Pals has immense potential for versatile uses; it makes bath time easier, sensory play more exciting, and sprinkles magic in water play. It glows in bathtub, jars, Calm Down Bottle - and anything else that can contain liquid. The Light-Up Cubes are packed in a set of 4. 

(2) Colours & Characters - Glo Pals come in yellow, blue, purple, white, green and red. I love that each colour has a unique character to go with it, each with their fun-filled personalities (eg, Purple Lumi has a deep passion for art and craft, and Red Sammy loves outdoor and sports!) The characters have bendable arms, and they “glow” when we insert a cube at the back of the Pals. Each of the character set also comes with 2 cubes of matching colour. 

(3) Tested & Compliance With Safety Standards - Glo Pals website assures us that the technology has been extensively tested and meets applicable safety standards. The electronics are sealed and are not user accessible (in other words, the encased button batteries are not replaceable, but the pals/ plastics are recyclable). 

(4) 16 Lighted Hours - Each cube lasts a minimum of 16 lighted hours. The cube automatically turns on when placed in water, turns off when it is dry. Only the time that the product is lighted will count against the battery life. For our family, our cubes (apart from 1) are still working fine after 8 weeks of use in the bath. It is important to drain the cubes completely when they are not in use to extend the battery life. Personally, I wish to see an improved technology in near future so that the cubes can be more sustainable and have a longer life. Nevertheless, this is a great invention that sparks JOY! 

# gifted in exchange for review 

Where to buy this: (Australia) (Website) 

Enjoy the video! 

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