Monday, April 17, 2023

BrainBox Maths, By BEZZERWIZZER Studio - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:          Mathematics / speed game  

Rating:                     ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Recommended age:  8 year-old ++   

Who would love this: Kids that enjoy learning through games + anyone that loves maths 

Leisure Learning recently provided us this “BrainBox Maths” by BEZZERWIZZER Studio / BrainBox that is (surprisingly) really engaging and kept both of the kids intrigued for a really long time! If you are looking for something educational, not too “action-packed” but fun nevertheless, then this is your game! 

Why I love ❤️ this game: 

(1) All About Maths! - Included within are 55 picture cards, each focuses on a specific mathematics concept, concisely summarised and accompanied by helpful and interesting graphics. For example, there is a card that explains the relationship between different length measurements (m, cm, mm), a card that taught us about directions (north, east, south, west), a card about how to interpret “bar chart”, a card that features the different types of prisms (rectangular, circular, hexagonal, triangular etc), a card about weight/ mass (kg and g) and many more! The cards are succinctly-written and easily comprehensible for some short and sweet maths lessons! 

(2) 8 Questions On Each Card - At the reverse side of each of the picture cards, you will find 8 questions (total 440 questions). To play the game, the kids spend 10 seconds observing and memorising the visual clues on the card, throw the dice, and answer the specific questions. I love that the questions cover a mix of range - some test the eye for detail by testing your memory and observation skills (eg “what colour is the crayon?”, “is the pen longer than the pencil?”), and some focuses on maths itself (eg “how many centimetres are in one metre?”, and “what is the abbreviation for centimetres?”). This is a great way to learn through play, and I love that even the little ones can participate too! 

(3) Good Quality - The quality of the components are reasonably decent and sturdy. The 55 picture cards are made of thick durable cardboard, the ten-second sand timer adds a thrill element, and my personal favourite is the uniquely-done, 8-sided translucent dice in cobalt blue. 

(4) Storage Box - I absolutely love the cube-shaped package box that gives the game a touch of personality and wacky character. I also love the magnetic closure on the lid that keeps the box tightly shut and everything nicely organised within. 

# gifted in exchange for review 

Where to buy this: (Australia) 

Enjoy the video! 

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