Wednesday, May 3, 2023

KAPLA Challenge Box, By KAPLA - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:          Balance game 

Rating:                     ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Recommended age:  6 year-old ++   

Who would love this: Older Kids or adults who love to challenge themselves with some difficult balance / stacking games 

I love games that display the beauty of balance. Balance is an intersect between art and science; it’s a challenge of hand-eye coordination, full concentration, and skill of searching for that exact point where weight distribution equally meets. I have tested quite a few balance games in the past - but KAPLA Challenge Box (kindly provided by Kapla Australia) is probably the most challenging one I have ever seen, and we’re absolutely loving it! 

Why I love ❤️ this game: 

(1) 12 Exciting Challenges - The set comes with 16 KAPLA planks (of identical size, in ratio of 1:3:5) and 12 challenge cards. The objective of the game? Reproduce and build the models as depicted in the 12 challenge cards using just the 16 KAPLA planks included. At first glance, the game looks deceptively simple. I mean, it’s just 12 challenges, with 16 planks of same size and shape. How hard can it be, right? Turn out, it’s pretty impossible and oh-so-unbelievably tough. We were stuck (and still are) at challenge 7, and have yet to figure out the strategy to get the structures stay in the gravity-defying positions. I love that the level of difficulty increases progressively; these are puzzles that require extreme dexterity and perseverance, from placing 2 planks simultaneously at two opposite edges, precariously balancing a plank vertically in gravity-defying state, to patiently searching for the perfect balance point at the tip of an intricate model. KAPLA Challenge Box is captivating, addictive, intriguing, and we definitely need more of KAPLA challenges in life! 

(2) Compact & Light Weight - I love how compact, light weight, portable the game set is. The planks and challenge cards come in a small, classy, durable box. This is an amazing on-the-go game to bring around for travel and any road-trip! All you need is a flat surface to get the building challenge started! 

(3) Quality & Sustainable Materials - KAPLA is made of 100% untreated French pinewood, ethically sourced from the sustainable, renewable forests in the south west of France. They are versatile building planks, smoothly finished with beautiful craftsmanship, and top-notched in quality. 

Genuinely, we are so grateful to have met KAPLA in our play journey! 

# gifted in exchange for review 

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Enjoy the video! 

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