Monday, May 29, 2023

Veggie Basket, By Tender Leaf - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:          Pretend food set   

Rating:                     ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  

Recommended age:  3 year-old ++   

Who would love this: Kids that love kitchen, grocery and cooking role-playing  

Kitchen playsets and cooking toys (or any food-related, hunger-induced, realistic-looking food sets) have always been a BIG HIT in this household! They keep the kids engaged in their imaginary world of chefs and bakers, and we seriously don’t mind a bit of the delicious and happy mess that they create! We found this Tender Leaf Toys “Veggie Basket” at our local toy library recently - it’s so adorable I just have to share about it today. 

Why I love ❤️ this toy: 

(1) 6 Realistic-Looking Vegetables - Included in the set is a basket of 6 vegetables - pumpkin, turnip, mushroom, red chilli, avocado, and leek. I love the attention to detail and how the design accentuates the distinctive features of each of these freshly grown vegetable. The greyish white mushroom is smooth and plump, completes with a short rounded stem and detail of linear gills underneath the mushroom cap. The pear-shaped avocado has bright green skin, lighter buttery flesh, and a large seed in the middle. The orange pumpkin has a furrowed texture on its outer rind and a stem at the top. The long green leek has a slow transition of colours from white at the base to dark green at the top, just like how the real one usually looks like. The chilli is red and glossy, and has a soft fabric green stem. The white turnip is round in shape with thin “fibrous” roots at the end that look and feel realistic. The kids love using these lovely veggies as their pretend ingredients in their “Friday pub”, and fresh stock for their “Sunday market” stall. The toy is appealing aesthetically and exciting to play with! 

(2) Handcrafted Wicker Basket - I love the wicker basket. It gives the contemporary set a classic and traditional feel, and keeps the lovely veggies together at one place. I love that’s its hand-woven and crafted by experienced artisans. 

(3) Renewable Wooden Material - These cute little veggies are made from renewable rubber tree wood - for every tree that is used to build this toy, another tree is replanted. The outer layer of the toy is furnished with non-toxic paint. Tender Leaf toys are designed by the UK product team and manufactured in its Indonesian factory. They are rigorously tested, and meet the EU and American safety standards.

# gifted in exchange for review 

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Enjoy the video! 

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