Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Spy Kid, By Laboludic - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:           Observation game for kids 

Rating:                      ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Recommended age:   6 year-old ++ 

Who would love this: Kids that enjoy speed/ memory/ observation games

I am hopeless with observation games. This is the game genre where the kids can easily compete on equal footing with the grown-ups (or even, outperform us with ease and in style). We tested out “Spy Kid” by Laboludic recently, and sure enough, both our kids excel in this game and beat the two adults mercilessly on each round! Thank you Divisible by Zero for providing a copy for review! 

Why I love ❤️ this game: 

(1) Spot The Difference Game With 50 Double-Sided Cards 

The set comes with 50 double-sided cards. Each side of the card contains 5 random objects, with 4 out of the 5 images being the same on both sides of a card. To set up, place all 50 cards in a deck at the centre of the playing area. All players have 5 seconds to simultaneously observe the pictures on one side of the card. Now, turn the card over and spot the difference! The first player who shouts out the new image on the reverse side, wins the card. The game continues until a player wins their first 5 cards. This is a speed game that is head-spinning, not as easy it seems, and is awesome to train up visual memory and reaction. We had a fantastic time playing with this game - frantically pointing, screaming out words, and cracking out brains to identify the minor (and not very obvious) difference! This is a game that would guarantee loads of laughter and excitement. 

(2) Adorable Graphics With Hint Of Retro-Ness 

I am in love with the adorable and endearing graphics with a hint of retro-ness. According to the rules booklet, this game is inspired by the “Kim’s Game” as described by Rudyard Kipling in his novel Kim. In the story set in India, Kim is a sharp and crafty street orphan, training up to become a spy for the King of England. To practice his memory skills, Kim studies groups of precious gems and makes a list of the items based on memory. I love the European feel of the illustrations - from snowman with yellow scarf, blue police vehicle, trees from autumn season, iconic red telephone booth, spy kid with magnifying glass, portmanteau bag with travelling stickers, to yellow cab and more. 

(3) Compact Game With Elegant Design 

I love how compact this game is and the sturdy, elegant cardboard box. This is an an ideal travel game for family vacation! 

# gifted in exchange for review 

Where to buy this: (Australia) 

Enjoy the video! 

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