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City Planner Puzzle, By Funyards Australia - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:            Wooden puzzle 

Rating:                       ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  

Recommended age:   7 year-old ++ 

Who would love this: Brainteasers/ puzzle lovers 

I am enchanted by this City Planner Puzzle since the first time I set my eyes on it. It’s a 3D vertical artwork that resembles a densely populated urban landscape of skyscrapers and high-rises. It’s abstract, yet strangely beautiful. Thank you Funyards Australia for sending this over. 

Why I love ❤️ it: 

(1) Packing Puzzle With 9 Unique Pieces + City Theme 

This is a classic packing puzzle but with a three-dimensional touch. The puzzle comes with a wooden base with frames at 4 sides, 9 unique puzzle pieces, and a dowel pin. First, place the pin into any of the holes in the base. Now, let’s the challenge begin! Build a “city” around it using the 9 puzzle pieces, arrange them so that each will fit perfectly within the frame. All of the pieces are uniquely carved, with different shapes to create various placement combinations. The key is to observe the base of each piece, and “re-imagine” them as various shapes formed with 2D squares. The aim is to arrange these shapes to fit into a base of 7x7 grid. This is a refreshing and atheistic take of a classic puzzle. 

(2) 13 Challenges & Easy Setting-Up 

I love that there are 13 challenges in this set, and it’s super easy to set it up! Simply place the dowel pin in one of the 13 holes in the base, and get cracking! This is a brainteaser to sharpen critical thinking, encourage problem-solving, enhance visual perception, perfect hand-eye coordination. And if you ever get stuck - fear not! There is a one-page illustrated solutions included for all 13 challenges! 

(3) Stunning Art Piece Of Cityscape 

I am captivated by the beautiful shades of the wooden pieces - some have a natural darker grain, a few with lighter timber colours, and a few towers are painted in stunning red to give the cityscape a multi-layered, artistic touch. The final outcome looks different each time we re-assemble it. 

(4) Long-Lasting Wooden Puzzle With Fantastic Craftmanship 

The craftsmanship is precise and fantastic. Each puzzle pieces are carefully cut in impressive precision, smoothly-finished to high quality. Like other Funyards Australia products - this brainteaser set is lovingly-handmade by local artisans in Thailand. It is built for long-lasting play, durable and solid. It’s both a stimulating wooden puzzle and an artistic display at home.

# gifted in exchange for review 

Where to buy this: 

Funyards Australia 

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Enjoy the video! 

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