Thursday, November 17, 2022

Peacock Mosaic Puzzle, By Doron Layeled - REVIEW

Nature/ Type:          Vintage wooden puzzle with a lovely peacock theme 

Rating:                     ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Recommended age:  2 year-old ++   

Who would love this: Classic wooden puzzle collectors / first puzzle for small kids 

There is something about this Peacock Mosaic Puzzle by Doron Layeled. Perhaps it’s the vintage look, the simplicity of it, or the child-friendly dark outline. My two-year-old loves this puzzle and finds it particularly fascinating. 

Why I love ❤️ this toy: 

(1) 12 Large Pieces - I love how the puzzle looks so deceivingly easy at first glance; after all, there are only just 12 large and chunky pieces to arrange, how difficult could this puzzle be, right? But we soon found out the hidden cheekiness behind the design. The peacock plumage was not divided symmetrically at each side despite what it seems to be. The “orange” feather piece is not the “centrepiece” even though it is positioned to look as such; if we “divide” the peacock train into half (6 on each side) and make a comparison of both divisions, we would soon discover that the pieces on both sides are almost identical but not quite the same when it comes to size and colour sequence. It’s a little confusing, challenging for the kids (and sometimes adults), but definitely beautiful when the puzzle is completed. My two-year-old loves this puzzle but finds it frustrating at times, although she’s usually able to complete the puzzle eventually (with a great proud smile) after some trials and errors. 

(2) Chunky Knobs - I love the big knobs on each of the feather piece. Not only that they make holding and manipulating the puzzle pieces easier for young kids, the protruded pegs also create a little 3D effect on the “eyes” of the feathers. 

(3) Material & Quality - I love the wooden material and the very sturdy base of the puzzle. The set looks high quality, and can be displayed vertically by leaning against a flat surface (eg a wall) like a piece of art. This is a great toy with heirloom quality to be passed down from one generation to another. 

(4) Black Outline - I also love the black outline on the peacock picture and the individual pieces. The outline accentuates the uniquely circular shape of the feathers, making them look more apparent, vibrant, and engaging. 

(5) Light Weight & Good Size - The puzzle measures 30 cm wide x 24 cm high, just the right size for a two-year-old. It is also light in weight to be safely carried around by the little ones. 

[This review was first written and published in Instagram on 25 October 2021] 

Where to buy this: (Website) 

Enjoy the video! 

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